Five Problems with Financial Information

With over 12 years of experience in financial markets, I have seen conflicts of interest that financial information can produce. Over 40 million in the U.S., that is one out of every eight people, are pursuing honest, free, and transparent information. However, I couldn’t distinguish between reliable and untrustworthy information, even with years in the industry. I knew we had to address this problem.

We identified five critical problems in stock financial publications, and addressed how we are solving them with a dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly social network:

1. No evidence exists that shows that people are doing what they are saying. How can we determine what someone says and does with stocks matchup?

In Peeptrade, you can see what skilled investors are actually investing their own money in, not just what they are saying. We receive verification by their brokers anytime they trade.

2. Most financial information publications don’t have a verified track record, so it is difficult to know how good they are. If someone has a good track record, how do we know it wasn’t just luck?

We provide a verified track record, monitoring the returns, Sharpe ratio, and other metrics that tells you more about who has the best investment skills.

3. There isn’t meritocracy in the market. If you find a popular newsletter, how do you know it is not because they are good at marketing? If you are a successful investor and want to get discovered, it is very complicated with all the noise in the market.

In Peeptrade, we don’t rank people by who they are, because the numbers speak by themselves. If you think you are a good investor, you can see where you rank among your peers. We have banking security levels with read only reports; we won’t disclose any monetary values at all. Additionally, If you want to be anonymous, set up a nickname and we will never reveal your name.

4. There is no portfolio context. How do we know how confident people are in what they say or write? How can we know how much people are allocating per security?

You can see the whole picture of their portfolio on Peeptrade. For example, their trading activities and how much they are investing in each security. As mentioned above, we NEVER reveal any monetary values, only percentages.

5. Financial information can be very expensive.

Peeptrade provides all the information completely free. You can follow as many people as you want at no cost. Now, valuable information isn’t just for the wealthy, but for everyone!

We had enough with people trying to take advantage of their clients. We will finally bring transparency to the stock market industry for free! Peeptrade provides the financial information transparency that allows everyone to be a potential investor. Click here to get started!


Written by Juan Mendoza

Founder of Peeptrade

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