FinTech Firms like Peeptrade Disrupt the Financial Sector

FinTech, as high-tech, non-bank payment processing and investment firms are collectively called, is rearranging the financial services marketplace, and 2016 is setting up to be an exciting year for new developments!

The faster you can transmit or receive money, crowdsource funding, or position yourself for venture capital, the better for you and your business. Additionally, the more you understand how shrewd stock market investors plan their moves, the better for your personal investments.

Traditional banks, more slow-moving and cumbersome, are being forced to share the space with agile, young companies that expedite payments and facilitate stock market investments. Among the rising stars in this arena is Peeptrade, a social trading firm that allows traders to “peep” into the investment moves made by peers whose track records they admire and want to emulate.

CB Insights estimates that $10.49 billion of venture capital flowed to FinTech companies in the first three quarters of 2015. So, bottom line, is FinTech upending workflows and processes throughout the financial services industry? Absolutely. Just consider some of the top FinTech stories of 2015:

  • SEC Reg A+ allowed ordinary people, for the first time, to crowdfund equity.
  • JP Morgan, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Visa funded such FinTech firms as Lending Club , Orchard, Transferwise, and Indiegogo.
  • New players joined the lending arena: Alibaba, PayPal, and Amazon all created financing arms to provide capital to small and medium-size businesses.
  • The financial industry syndicate Symphony, focused on making industrial-grade communications tools accessible, announced a new round of investment totaling over $100 million, including participation by Google Ventures.
  • The SEC approved a plan to issue stock via Bitcoin’s blockchain
  • Marquee-name financial institutions distributed financial information partially through social media: for example, Goldman Sachs tweeted its earnings.

Fintech is revolutionizing financial services! Moving forward into 2016, Peeptrade will remain a highly visible, effective player in this shift to a more real-time financial playing field.

To better meet your personal financial goals, consider the benefits of an information platform like Peeptrade, which reveals the strategies of especially successful market investors. Keep an eye on this exciting young company in 2016 as it enables its users to scale new heights in the world of market investments.

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