What is your investment strategy? In simple terms describe your investment approach.

We have a multi-strategy approach, seeking to diversify in the local and international market with the purpose of maximizing returns with an optimum risk level. This investment strategy is mainly based in a top-down analysis that consists in 4 steps: macroeconomic analysis per industry, correlation with key market drivers, fundamental valuation per share (with DCF and multiples), and technical analysis. For the Asset Allocation we have determined that If the market is bullish, the fund will be composed of 25% of passive management which only includes ETFs. The other 75%, will be composed by active management. If the market is bearish, the fund will be composed of 50% of ETF, 45% of active management and 5% of cash. AXE Capital seeks long term capital growth by investing in shares from the S&P 500 Index, that will be chosen with our key performance indicators according to the market trends.

What do you think about the markets now?

Based on our macroeconomic analysis, we believe that the market has an upward trend due to factors such as employment, monetary policy, etc. In this case, it is observable that S&P500 continues to close at new maximum levels. Besides, there is a positive thinking towards markets in the US, since there are new proposals to be discussed soon such as tax regulations in US. Sectors in the US continue to grow.

What do you think will drive the markets in the near future?
Strong economic indicators such as unemployment rates, construction sector indicators (considering specially the recent natural disasters that have occurred in the US and other countries that will need reconstruction), housing and real estate, as well as political tensions that are around the world (tension between US and North Korea, for instance), oil indicators and international prices of the most important commodities. Also, the fiscal policy proposed by the current president of the United States and some other initiatives stated by the US government that impact the stock market.
Can you tell us more about the team members and what are their background? Include licenses, certifications and other credentials.
All the members have a financial certification in investment advisory, issued by the Mexican Association of Stock Market Intermediaries (AMIB for the acronym in spanish), as well as 6 months of experience in Portfolio Management, in collaboration with BBVA Bancomer, as well as in equity research, with the CFA approach.
What do you think about the Peeptrade University Challenge?
We believe that Peeptrade University Challenge is an amazing opportunity to live the experience of real portfolio management, as well as learning from teams of the best universities worldwide. This challenge will help us to improve our investment strategies and to acquire new perspectives to interpret the stock market.

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