ITESM CSF – Alpha Capital

What is your investment strategy? In simple terms describe your investment approach.

Our funds strategy is based on investing on ETFs and stocks to over or under weight sectors relative to the S&P 500 depending on the phase of the economic cycle we are at.

What do you think about the markets now?

Markets are passing through a trough face in the economic cycle, we can observe that in general, many countries are reporting improvements in their macroeconomic variables, such as France and Germany. However, we observe many worldwide troubles. For example, geopolitical conflicts around US and North Korea, the Brexit or Cataluña’s attempt to get its independence. That is why we selected a diversified portfolio, in order to take advantage of market conditions taking in count global risks.

What do you think will drive the markets in the near future?
We think that the main key driver for markets in the future will be the development of new technologies. Nowadays technology had made possible the creation of virtual currencies, global networking for companies and the creation of many kind of business without the classical scheme. This is why we bet on this sector in the selection of our portfolio, among other cyclical sectors trusting in the improvement of worldwide macroeconomic variables.
Can you tell us more about the team members and what are their background? Include licenses, certifications and other credentials.
Each member of the team is studying the last semester of Bachelor in Finance at ITESM. Also, each one of them has participated in the management of an investment fund and had made valuations following the CFA investment research challenge metrics. After this challenge each of the team members is going to take the first exam from CFA in the next June.
What do you think about the Peeptrade University Challenge?
We consider that Peeptrade’s challenge did not only opened a world of opportunities but made us become better portfolio managers. Since we are competing worldwide with top universities, we believe that the real value of this competition underlies on how we work together ti get better results than other competitors, making us evolve constantly and develop more skills correlated to this challenge.

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