Peeptrade’s $1,000 trading contest winner is…

Peeptrade is proud to announce that the winner of our $1,000 trading contest is Allen Lloyd! The contest winner was determined by the Sharpe Ratio, a metric for risk-adjusted return. The competition was very close in this contest, and we would like to congratulate all of the other top contestants below!

Trader Sharpe Ratio
Allen Lloyd 10.997
Mike Coury 6.229
Pacini Capital Management 5.447
Carl Sera, CMT 5.147
Cyrus 3.766
Dr. Jeff Ross 3.536
Michael Harris 3.425
Brian Lowrance 3.086
Eugen Shluter 3.085
Stoken Asset Management 2.919

Want to see how you would have staked up against this competition? Well, you’re in luck! Peeptrade is currently running a $6,000 trading contest and there are still a few days left to enter. With no sign up fees required and nothing to lose, what are you waiting for?

After syncing your portfolio to the platform in just a few seconds, you’ll even be able to charge other users to see your portfolio and trading activity!

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