San Andrés – San Andrés Capital MGMT

What is your investment strategy? In simple terms describe your investment approach.

So, we just have only two months we´re looking for a very agressive extrategy but taking in account the limits´ Traking Error requeriments.

So, first of all we bought SPY Index in 60%, and the other 40% rest we divided it Beta targets and Alpha targets.

Betas were selected from the SPY index, we chose ten of the biggest Betas ones. And Alphas were selected with the same metholodoy, but in order to the capitalization worth. We were influenced to put two Latin America Index. One of them was about Argentina and Brasil as well. We also, selected two emergent companies involved with technology like Globant and Meli.(bad choise)

What do you think about the markets now?

Obviously the market is bullish. But we have to beat the S&P so that just let us place to take emergent ETF´s and companies as well. Like all about it is a competition we’re sesgated to selected very risky companies attending the tracking error on the other side.

What do you think will drive the markets in the near future?
At the end of the year, and in order to win this tournament.. We’re very impatient to expect what will happened with Latam. We have big part of our Portfolio with views on Brasil and Argentina. We’re expecting that Brasil reached a big difference after the last labour legacy changes. And according to Argentina, we expect a victory by the officials in the next October elections.
Can you tell us more about the team members and what are their background? Include licenses, certifications and other credentials.
We’ve engineers, accountants, mathematicians and economists.. those from our bachelor field. We are Msc in Finance as well.
What do you think about the Peeptrade University Challenge?
I think that it is a good challenge. But it’s too short. So, like it is so short it’s imposible appy mathematic and fundamentals tools. I only can see a field for this kind a time, the rates and commodities rates and the arbitraje what could be applied in this field. But as we are not that kind of portfolio managers, we have to find fundamentals in a short piece of time. I think this tournament is fantastic, PeepTrade works quite well, but in my humble opinión it could be better if the tournament would being longer.

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