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Twitter: What is it, Who wants it, and Why?

There is an old proverb about an elephant and a group of blind men, who are asked to reach out, touch the creature, and describe what they feel. To the man who grasps the tail, it is like a very thick rope; to one who feels a leg, like a tree trunk; and to one who touches an ear, like a huge fan… None are actually incorrect, but no one can agree on what the creature actually is. Twitter (TWTR) is like that: “What the heck is it?” It is.. a utility which allows you to catch the latest headlines? a way to engage potential buyers or clients? a gold mine of data about millions of consumers? And what is Twitter worth, anyway? ...

Learning from Warren Buffett

Humble Beginnings It started with Coca-Cola: as a boy, Warren Buffett bought six-packs from his grandfather’s Omaha grocery store for 25 cents, then sold the bottles for 5 cents each. By age 11, he had learned to analyze stock price charts and bought his first shares; at 12, he worked two paper routes; and, at 14, he claimed deductions ($35) for his bicycle and watch on his first-ever tax return. Fast-forward a few years. At 19 he graduated from college; at 25, he launched his limited investment partnership firm; and, by 35, had control of a New England textile company named Berkshire Hathaway. The rest, as they say, is history. Warren ...

Can Volkswagen Recover After Emissions Scandal?

  Earlier this month, the EPA announced that Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act (CAA) by making its cars appear less polluting than they actually are. The agency found that nearly half a million VW diesel cars in the US were affected, and VW has since admitted that the deception has affected 11 million cars worldwide. As a result, Volkswagen stock has plummeted nearly 60% and lawsuits have been filed, angering some of VWs most loyal customers. (more…)

How To Survive a Market Collapse

There’s a quote from Warren Buffet that we love, “I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years”. What does that mean? Well it could mean a lot of things, but basically it means don’t invest in the market if you think you will need that money and will be forced to sell. You need to look at the market as an investment, not a short term gamble. (more…)

What Is Social Trading?

You’ve probably heard of terms like swing trading and day trading, but what about social trading? Social trading is a process in which experienced traders share information about the market with other interested parties. Social trading platforms let users see what top traders are investing in and lets users of all experience levels share their opinions, moves, and thoughts on the market. The newest of these platforms, Peeptrade, even lets you see stats on these traders so you can decide which ones to follow. (more…)

How Using Your iPhone Can Help You Invest

In an earlier blog post, Peeptrade talked about what FinTech is and the impact it is having in the market right now, but why does all of that matter? (more…)

What is Fintech Anyway?

You’ve probably heard about social trading platforms, personal finance apps, and other emerging financial startups referred to as FinTech companies, but what is FinTech anyways? (more…)

Greek Crisis Explained and How It Will Influence the Markets

Everybody knows Greece is on the verge of exiting the Eurozone, especially after their recent “Oxi” or “No” vote rejecting the terms of another bailout.  What some people don’t know is that Greece has had economic problems for a long time. Their unemployment rate is at 25%, they owe more than 320 billion Euros (175% of their GDP) and have a population of just 11 million. That is 29,000 Euros owed per person, and considering their unemployment rate and the interest rates they are paying- escaping from this debt seems impossible. (more…)

5 Ways Greece Could Have Taken Advantage of Their Financial Turmoil

And then made it out of their crisis... hypothetically speaking, of course. (more…)

Why I Started Peeptrade: An Interview with the Founder

To better understand the Peeptrade story and what social trading is we asked the Founder, Juan Mendoza, 5 quick questions. The responses were great and this marks the beginning of our Peeptrade blog. (more…)