University of the District of Columbia – UDC team

What is your investment strategy? In simple terms describe your investment approach.

Our strategy is to use events to follow trending securities and to use technical data and charts to verify those securities’ value as long term buys.

What do you think about the markets now?

The markets are doing very well as a result of strong earnings and investor confidence after a recession.

What do you think will drive the markets in the near future?
Technology will play a big part in all sectors as businesses use data science and machine learning to minimize costs, maximize resources, and increase profits.
Can you tell us more about the team members and what are their background? Include licenses, certifications and other credentials.
Our team is comprised of three seniors and a junior who are majoring from business management, accounting, and finance. We are mostly beginners in the world of trading but we do bring some personal investing experience, a competitive drive, statistical competence, and intuitive curiosity.
What do you think about the Peeptrade University Challenge?
We think the Peeptrade University Challenge is a great opportunity for business and finance students to use the principles they have learned in a real world setting. It also exposes the teams to follow world and local events that affect the global economy and see how a specific event can affect a company’s stock price. It has been exciting to find and research companies and unique sectors that are not household names.

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